What was the result of the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections?

The Scottish Parliament election, held on 5 May 2016, resulted in the SNP being the largest party with 63 MSPs, two short of an overall majority. The Conservatives were second with 31 MSPs, pushing Labour into third place with 24 MSPs. The Scottish Green Party with 6 MSPs overtook the Liberal Democrats who remain on […]

How does this Parliament compare with previous sessions?

The following figures show political party representation in the Scottish Parliament following each election going back to 1999. Composition of the Scottish Parliament since 1999   Total Seats by Political Party since 1999 Constituency seats by Political Party since 1999 Regional seats by Political Party since 1999

What is the state of the parties for Session 5?

The 2016 election resulted in the SNP being the largest party with 63 seats (-6 on 2011); the Conservatives in second with 31 (+16 on 2011); Labour on 24 (-13 on 2011); the Greens on 6 (+4 on 2011) and the Liberal Democrats on 5 (no change on 2011). Change on 2011 in constituency share […]

How accurate were the polls for the 2016 election?

During recent elections to both the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament, opinion polls have been subject to criticism for not accurately predicting the final result.  In Scotland in 2011, polls underestimated the size of the SNP regional list vote, and in the UK in 2015, polls predicted a hung parliament, rather than the resulting […]

Engaging young voters

The Scottish Elections (Reduction of Voting Age) Bill was passed on 18 June 2015. All 16 and 17 year olds meeting the criteria for the electoral register are now eligible to vote in Scottish Parliament and local government elections. This has been the first Scottish Parliament election in which 16 and 17 year olds were […]

Who are the new members for Session 5?

51 new[1] Members were elected to the Parliament at the 2016 election to replace the 24 Members who chose not to seek re-election, the 26 Members who lost their seats and Margo MacDonald who died during Session 4. The 2007 election saw 41 new Members elected and this rose to 48 new Members elected at […]

Which MSPs didn’t return for Session 5?

This post looks at which MSPs did not return for Session 5 because they either stood down or did not get re-elected. MPSs who did not stand for re-election Ahead of the 2016 Scottish Parliament election, 24 Members announced they would stand down and not seek re-election.  Amongst those stepping down was the Scottish Parliament’s […]

What is the gender balance of the new Parliament?

The number of female Members of the Scottish Parliament remained the same at 45 following the election.  The breakdown of female Members by party and as a proportion of their party’s total is shown below. Female MSPs by Political Party In numerical terms, the total of female MSPs are as follows: SNP – 27 (42.8%) […]

Which members have been in the Parliament since 1999?

Following the 2011 Scottish Parliament election, there were 37 Members who had served continuously since 1999.  In addition, a further 3 Members had served during all three sessions but not continuously. As a result of the 2016 election, 19 Members have served continuously since 1999 and 2 Members have also served in the previous 4 […]

What was the turnout in the 2016 Election?

The turnout figures are based on valid votes cast as a proportion of the electorate on 5 May 2016.  Turnout data has been derived from returns from returning officers, election results on local authority websites and electorate data included in the Saturday 7th May edition of the Scotsman. Turnout at the 2016 Scottish Parliament election […]