New domestic constitutional arrangements emerged in the UK after it left the EU. SPICe’s Common Frameworks Hub is focused on explaining the role of common frameworks within these arrangements. It also tracks scrutiny of common frameworks by the Scottish Parliament. 

Common frameworks are agreements which establish policy direction in areas where devolved and reserved powers and interests intersect.  Read more about what common frameworks are, why they are needed and how they are being developed in our FAQs.

SPICe are publishing briefings on the common frameworks applicable to Scotland. You can find all of our published briefings here.

Common frameworks are currently being scrutinised by the Scottish Parliament. We are tracking scrutiny of Common Frameworks at the Scottish Parliament and other UK legislatures. You can find out more through the buttons below! 

Scrutiny completed:

Scrutiny started:

Scrutiny not yet started:

Further frameworks are currently being developed and will be published by the Cabinet office after they are provisionally agreed.

The following frameworks have not been published as yet:

The committees of the Scottish Parliament will lead on scrutinising those common frameworks that fall within their respective policy areas. In addition, the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee will also consider the wider implications of common frameworks in general and their potential constitutional impact. You can read about the work of the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee on common frameworks and background work on common frameworks done by committees in session 5