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The Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee looked at issues concerned with the European Union; the development and implementation of the Scottish Administration’s links with countries and territories outside Scotland; co-ordination of the international activities of the Scottish Administration, and culture and tourism matters falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs.

Background work on Common Frameworks

During consideration of the Article 50 negotiations, the Committee discussed common frameworks with the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, and academics.  The Committee also exchanged correspondence with the Finance and Constitution Committee on common frameworks.


9 May 2019 The Committee responded to the letter from the Finance and Constitution Committee sent in March 2019.  The reply said that as the Committee had sought to focus on the implications of the Article 50 negotiations process rather than the internal constitutional processes, it had not taken a “significant amount of evidence on the issue of common frameworks.”
3 May 2018 The Committee held an evidence session on Article 50: United Kingdom common frameworks. The Committee heard from academics from the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh.
25 April 2019 The Committee heard from the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations on the Article 50 (Withdrawal Negotiations).  The Cabinet Secretary spoke on common framework proposals.
25 March 2019 The Finance and Constitution Committee wrote to the Committee about the role of the Scottish Parliament in scrutinising new powers arising from the UK leaving the EU.

The letter focused on 3 main areas including common frameworks that may be required.

15 March 2018 During its consideration of the Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill, the Committee received an update on common frameworks from the Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe.
13 March 2018 The Committee received a letter from the Secretary of State for Scotland on the work of the UK Government on common framework analysis.
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