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The Local Government and Communities Committee looked at communities, housing, local government, measures against poverty, planning and regeneration matters falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government.

Background work on Common Frameworks

The Committee exchanged corresponded with the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning and the Convener of the Finance and Constitution Committee as it undertook background work on common frameworks that may fall within its remit.

The Committee also heard from witnesses on common frameworks that may be required in areas of Local Government.

Date Action
31 May 2019 The Committee responded to the letter from the Finance and Constitution Committee on the devolution settlement.  The response commented on common frameworks of particular interest to the Local Government and Communities Committee.
14 May 2019 The COSLA President wrote to the Committee.  The letter included details of the impact of powers returning to the UK from the EU in the area of Local Government.  The letter noted that possible non-legislative common frameworks may be required.
1 May 2019 The Committee held an evidence session on new powers arising from Brexit that may fall within the area of local government and require a common framework – including public procurement.   The witnesses were asked about the areas that were of most concern to local government, where common frameworks would need to be established.
25 March 2019 The Finance and Constitution Committee wrote to the Committee about the role of the Scottish Parliament in scrutinising new powers arising from the UK leaving the EU.


The letter focussed on 3 main areas including common frameworks that may be required.

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