Public Procurement framework

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The Public Procurement framework is a non-legislative framework to ensure continued co-operation between the government and devolved administrations in relation to public procurement.

The provisional Common Framework for public procurement sets out proposed 4-nation ways of working for domestic and international public procurement policy and legislation. It is intended to guide the actions of policy officials of all 4 nations as they develop policies on public procurement.

The framework has been jointly developed by the UK Government and devolved administrations.

18 August 2022Senedd Research published a briefing on the framework.
15 July 2022 The House of Lords Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee published its final report on the Common Frameworks programme.
23 June 2022The Senedd Public Accounts and Public Administration Committee published its recommendations for the framework.
2 March 2022The Scottish Parliament Economy and Fair Work Committee considered its approach for scrutiny of the framework.
25 February 2022SPICe published a briefing on the framework.
2 February 2022The Economy and Fair Work Committee received the framework for scrutiny.
28 January 2022The Northern Ireland Assembly committee for Finance considered the framework and wrote a letter with its findings to the Committee for The Executive Office.
27 January 2022An updated version of the framework was published.
23 March 2021The provisional framework was published.
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