Public Procurement framework

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The Public Procurement framework is a non-legislative framework to ensure continued co-operation between the government and devolved administrations in relation to public procurement.

The provisional Common Framework for public procurement sets out proposed 4-nation ways of working for domestic and international public procurement policy and legislation. It is intended to guide the actions of policy officials of all 4 nations as they develop policies on public procurement.

The framework has been jointly developed by the UK Government and devolved administrations.

2 March 2022The Scottish Parliament Economy and Fair Work Committee considered its approach for scrutiny of the framework.
25 February 2022SPICe published a briefing on the framework.
2 February 2022The Economy and Fair Work Committee received the framework for scrutiny.
28 January 2022The Northern Ireland Assembly committee for Finance considered the framework and wrote a letter with its findings to the Committee for The Executive Office.
27 January 2022An updated version of the framework was published.
23 March 2021The provisional framework was published.
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