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The Blood Safety and Quality Provisional framework sets out how the UK government and devolved administrations propose to continue to work closely and collaboratively together on blood safety and quality policy, after the end of the transition period. It supports the continuity of good working relations, open communication and the maintenance of a compatible minimum set of high standards of safety and quality for blood and blood components.

18 August 2022Senedd Research published a briefing on the framework.
15 July 2022 The House of Lords Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee published its final report on the Common Frameworks programme.
20 May 2022The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee completed scrutiny of the framework.
6 April 2022SPICe published a briefing on the framework.
1 February 2022The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee took evidence on the framework.
17 December 2021The Senedd’s Health and Social Care sent a letter about the framework to the Minister for Health and Social Services for Wales seeking answers to a number of questions about the framework. The Minister responded on 17 January 2022.
2 December 2021An updated version of the provisional framework was published.
23 March 2021The provisional framework was published.
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