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The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 5 March 2020.


The purpose of the Bill is to:

  • repeal EU free movement of persons and other related EU-derived rights in UK law, and make EU, EEA and Swiss citizens subject to UK immigration controls;
  • protect the status of Irish citizens in UK immigration law once their EU-derived free movement rights end; and
  • take powers to amend, by regulations, retained EU law governing social security co-ordination, enabling policy changes to be delivered post-EU Exit

SPICe briefing

Any SPICe briefings produced regarding this Bill will appear here once published.

Legislative Consent Memorandum

The UK Government has sought legislative consent from the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government published a Legislative Consent Memorandum on 25 June 2020. In the LCM, the Scottish Government confirms that it does not intend to lodge a legislative consent motion in relation to the Bill and sets out its reasons for this decision.

The Minister for Parliamentary Business and Veterans wrote to the Presiding Officer in November to advise that the relevant provisions which gave rise to the LCM have been removed from the Bill by amendment. As such the Bill is no longer a relevant Bill and the process is concluded.

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